“No one could have foreseen the events that we were confronted with this year. The unprecedented supply chain issues, price increases, and labor shortages were not part of our world before the pandemic hit. As we have attempted to navigate our way through the continual issues that we have all confronted, ThermalRite has emerged as a forward thinking and agile partner for our dealers, their customers, and our rep firm.

Reliable dates, prices and quotes have allowed our customers to properly manage their jobs. Furthermore, ThermalRite’s relationships with their vendor partners have allowed them to move forward through foam and metal shortages. When others couldn’t, ThermalRite lived up to their estimated, though admittedly elongated, delivery dates. They lived up to their promises and they did what they could to help us when price escalation became such a dominant issue.

Also in 2021, Jim Cook became the first two-time winner of our Factory Partner of the Year award. Why? I would start by saying that Jim is, in a word, exceptional. He has taken the time to study our territory. He knows who our strategic partners are and what we need to do to help them with their business.

Further, Jim has tremendous product knowledge that has often helped us work through the inevitable problems that occur during the course of a year. His experience helps us find the right resolution to take care of any situation. He is a true partner to my company, RHI. Jim knows what we need from his factory to succeed with his product line and he makes sure that we have it. He is an asset to our dealers, end users, and consultants and is a very deserving winner of this award.” – Tom Wilkins, RHI Solutions