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World’s First Energy Star Rated Connected Convection Steamer


Save money, earn rebates and never sacrifice cook time with Vulcan’s powerful C24EA-LWE Series Steamer. It’s the first and only ENERGY STAR® qualified electric à la carte counter steamer, designed to conserve water usage by up to 90%. Less water means less maintenance and scale buildup too—change the filter only once per year.

Boilerless/Connectionless Steamer

Vulcan’s new à la carte Low Water Energy Steamer is ENERGY STAR® qualified, and designed to save water and energy without sacrificing cook time.


  • Stainless steel exterior and cooking compartment with coved interior corners.
  • Reduces water usage by 90%
  • Less filter maintenance and scale cleaning required
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualifed
  • Available with 3 or 5 pan capacity
  • Manual control with 60-minute timer

Spec Sheets –
C24EO3-LW; C24EO5-LW

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  1. T.J. Apple.
    T.J. Apple.03-19-2015

    Can you please send me prices for all of your energy star steam cookers. Thank you.

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