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The Ovention Matchbox Oven


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Ovention Ovens

The Ovention Matchbox Oven was created to improve on the already established market of speed ovens. Specifically, accomplished appliance entrepreneur Phil McKee (who served as Co-founder, CEO, & President of TurboChef) wanted to create a speed oven that operated without the use of microwaves and cooked at comparable speeds. The oven would need to be able to operate without a vented hood in either the front or back of the house. Product flexibility would be key and ease of operation essential. After years of engineering and a myriad of patents we were introduced to the Ovention Matchbox Oven.

Instead of microwaves, Phil used a technology that he coined “precision impingement”. Basically, hot columns of air penetrate the product from perforated plates located above and below ovens cavity. The blowers that force hot air through these perforated plates are completely independent from each other and therefore have the ability to focus different amounts of heat and penetrability on the top and bottom of the product. The recipes can be completely customized in three different stages to ensure the correct power is being instituted at the proper stage for each product. The result? Comparably fast cook times to other speed ovens without the use of microwaves.

To avoid the need for a hood, Phil employed the use of multiple catalytic converters in the oven that take the grease-laden vapors and essentially convert them to carbon dioxide and water. The Matchbox Oven comes in two sizes (a flexible, or ultra-flexible footprint) to accommodate front of the house and back of the house needs. Once programmed, the oven is easier to use then most microwaves.

The Ovention Matchbox Oven is truly a revolutionary piece of equipment.

Check out pictures, specs, & videos below!

Matchbox Oven
Ovention Shuttle

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