Whether in business or life, the phrase ‘It takes a village,’ represents how rarely, if ever good things are accomplished by oneself. However, even in a village, some people tend to be more important to the success of the whole than others. At RHI Solutions, we consider Roxanne Holt, the Business Development Manager for Vulcan Ranges, to be one of those people. Roxanne’s willingness to extend a helping hand, to solve a seemingly impossible problem, or to deftly navigate tricky political waters has allowed her to rise to a leadership position within Vulcan and to become a trusted and beloved member of the greater RHI Solutions family. It’s also why Roxanne has been awarded the 2020 RHI Solutions Factory Partner of the Year Award.

I can best describe Roxanne as a factory person who is truly a team player. What we really want to do each day is take care of our customers faster than any of our competitors. That requires speedy communication, and this is where Roxanne truly shines. She comes to work early and stays late. I often call expecting to leave a message, not anticipating her to answer. However, it’s amazing how often in those circumstances that she does indeed answer the phone, allowing us to deal with my request right then and there. That makes me look like a rock star with my customer because I can get an answer that day instead of waiting. And of course, it isn’t me; it’s Roxanne who is the star. She is always ‘on’, honestly engaged and consistently does whatever she can to help us sell products and promote the Vulcan brand. She is a huge asset to both Vulcan and RHI, and we are honored to award her as our Factory Partner of the Year for 2020.”
-Tom Wilkins

“It’s hard to pick a specific example of what makes Roxanne so good at her job. Heck, last week she made multiple pricing and other concessions to help us steal an order from a competitor. She also cut a lead time down from two weeks to three days to help us get the order. In today’s ultra-competitive environment, these are the things that allow us to be successful. Furthermore, since Roxanne lives on the East Coast, there is a 3-hour time difference, and she is still one of the most available people that I have ever worked with. So, I guess all that’s to say is that being responsive, flexible, great in front of customers, super knowledgeable and fun to work with 365 days a year does in fact help.”
-Keith Wilkins

“Roxanne will answer her cell phone on her personal family time to help anyone. Numerous times I have had to call Roxanne at 4 or 5pm PST to get help with a range issue or help with a project. Despite the fact it is 7 or 8pm where Rox is, she will ALWAYS answer her phone to help me or a customer. Dealers and end users are amazed that she is accessible to us at such a late time for her. This level of service has been instrumental to me securing numerous projects and deals to Vulcan.”
-Chris Turley

Congrats Rox, you deserve it!