Yes, we’re still ThermalRite—now housed under our larger unified parent brand—Everidge. ThermalRite by Everidge—with its strength as a maker of foodservice, institutional and specification lines of refrigerated walk-ins and other cold food equipment—has combined with other premier brands, available now from Everidge with our best-in-the-business customer service guarantees. ThermalRite by Everidge is proud to offer complete install services – every step of the way. Count on us to provide you high-quality, affordable, and customizable refrigerated solutions.
ThermalRite by Everidge walk-in cooler and freezers enable both commercial and non-commercial foodservice operations to create the cold kitchen storage that best suits that environment. Depending on kitchen size, exact foodservice application, storage needs, or servers’ ease of access, ThermalRite by Everidge walk-in cooler and freezers can be customized to fit. Our walk-in units feature high-density foam rail construction, offering solid, high-quality construction and durability due to the rigidity of our panels.


ThermalRite by Everidge blast chillers/freezers make it easy to move food directly from the oven or steamer to the unit without pre-tempering. Featuring an all-new design and a powerful 7” full-touch control panel, ThermalRite by Everidge blast chillers/freezers reduce the temperature of food from 194ºF to 37ºF in just 90 minutes — or blast freeze down to 0ºF in just 240 minutes.

Blast Chiller

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