For over 100 years, Berkel has produced reliable equipment that chefs and operators depend on for consistently great results. Berkel’s unique combination of experience and innovation has made it a name synonymous with quality foodservice slicers, vacuum packaging equipment and more. Maximize your time in the kitchen. Choose Berkel.

Berkel is associated with the Vulcan Food Equipment Group and is a division of the ITW Food Equipment Group.

250 Vacuum Packaging Machine
M2000 Continuous Feed 600-800 lbs. Per Hour Food Processor - 1_2 HP
800A Series 10_ CS Knife Manual Gravity Feed Slicer (45º) with Built-in Sharpener
1_2_ MB Series 1_3 HP Countertop Bread Slicer
12_ CS Knife Automatic Feed Classic Flywheel Prosciutto Slicer