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Cooking Under Vacuum


Sous Vide is one of the culinary worlds hottest new trends. The basic components consist of the vacuum sealer, vacuum bags, water bath and immersion circulator. The vacuum sealer is used to create an oxygen-reduced environment within the bag, which will also serve as the cooking vessel.

Because the water bath holds such a precise temperature, there is literally no room for error in the products internal temperature. As a result, if you like your steak cooked to 131°F, you can cook it to a 131°F – every time. In addition to the consistent quality control that this allows the user, it also provides another real time advantage; all of the work can be done ahead of time. This allows more time to focus on other aspects of the cooking process such as plating creativity and creating quality accompaniments.

Food can be held for extended periods of time while cooking sous vide. It is not uncommon to hold a piece of meat in the water bath for 48 – 72 hours at a time. It is paramount that a good vacuum sealer and bag be used as you will potentially be holding the product in the bacteria “danger zone”. If the seal on the bag remains, your product safety will not be compromised because there is not enough air in the cooking environment for bacteria to grow.

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