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Turbofan E27M3
3 Tray Full Size Manual Convection Oven

The E27M3 provides increased power and capacity over the E27M2, with 4.5kW of heating power. It offers three full tray performance with 3 1/3” tray spacing, a single bi-directional reversing fan system to circulate the heat efficiently and effectively and dual halogen lamps. This oven is a dependable performer for delivering a variety of perfectly baked and cooked goods.
• 3 full size sheet pan capacity
• 31/3”/ 85mm tray spacing
• Compact 317/8”/ 810mm width
• Single bi-directional reversing fan system
• 4.5kW heating (220-240V) / 4.0kW heating (208V)
• 20A plug-in (NEMA 6-20P cordset fitted)
• Dual halogen oven lamps
• Dia. 7” / 180mm full stainless steel oven fan
• 3 oven wire racks supplied
• Turbofan double stacked models
– E27M3/2
2 x E27M3 ovens double stacked with adjustable
feet base stand W 810mm x D 763mm x H 1571mm
– E27M3/2C
2 x E27M3 ovens double stacked with castor base
stand W 810mm x D 763mm x H 1653mm
• Turbofan SK2731U Oven Stand
– All stainless steel
– Accepts half size sheet pans and full size
sheet pans
– 6 position tray runners standard
– Castors standard
(2 swivel / 2 swivel with dual wheel and swivel lock)
• Turbofan Double Stacking Kit
– All stainless steel base stand
– 3 position tray runners standard
– 4 adjustable feet on DSKE272831
– 4 dia. 76mm swivel castors on DSKE272831C
– Stainless steel oven spacer frame
– Stainless steel bottom oven vent extension

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