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Bombproof China


Melamine is an organic compound which combines melamine resin, a biodegradable additive, & wood cellulose. While melamine dinnerware may have the look and feel of China, the stuff is virtually indestructible. The initial cost of Melamine dinnerware vs traditional china is significantly lower and will last years longer. Melamine is also dishwasher safe up to 212°F, making it easy to take care of your investment.
Here is some information on Carlisle’s Melamine dinnerware lines
Durus ®
• Heaviest weight melamine dinnerware in the industry.
• High quality and glazed against scratching. Glazing process is similar to fine porcelain.
• Available in solid colors, designer patterns and two-tone designs (Mosaic™).
• Narrow or wide rim plate options.
• Over 25 plates, cups and bowls to choose from.
• Reduces dinnerware drying time with the advanced Durus foot design and slick water-sheeting glazed surface.
• Mix and match Durus side dishes with china plates for a beautiful table top that costs less to maintain.
• See a return on investment in less than 18 months in most operations after switching to Durus from china.
• Save money with Durus’ 4-yr warranty against breakage. It’s the longest warranty in the industry.

Dallas Ware ®
• Industry standard and workhorse in melamine dinnerware.
• Offers superior stain and scratch resistance.
• Reinforced rim and foot design reduces breakage and replacement.
• Stacks with major competitor’s products.
• Most school specifications are written around Dallas Ware®.
• Meets US Dept of Commerce Product Standard PS25-70 specifications.
• Over 25 plates, cups and bowls to choose from in eleven colors.

• All purpose, medium weight group of melamine dinnerware.
• Durable gloss finish resists chipping, scratching and staining.
• Reinforced at vital stress points.
• Over 30 plates, cups and bowls available in five popular colors.

• Elegant European coupe shaped design combines strength and beauty with functionality.
• Coupe design offer larger serving area.
• Medium to heavy weight and offers superior stain and scratch resistance.

• Offers the earthy look of hand thrown pottery.
• Super heavy-weight and break resistant Ceramine™ melamine, a unique material that has the look and feel of ceramic.
• Organic design blends into a variety of settings and offers an exceptional presentation value.

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