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Beer Should Not be Wasted


Since 1968 Chill-Rite has lead the industry in quality, service, and technology.

Chill Rite beer systems dispense the keg beer at 32° regardless of the keg temperature in the walk-in. Simply put, the kegs may be 40, 50, 60+ degrees in the walk-in cooler and Chill Rite has a system that will reduce that temperature to 32° – period. With that much temperature control, the draft beer does not pour any excess foam. Virtually no waste.

In 1991, Chill-Rite designed and patented the 32 System. This glycol chiller revolutionized the draft beer dispensing industry. It introduced the concept of dispensing draft beer at 32 degrees and it chilled the beer independent of the walk-in cooler temperature. In the course of just a few years the entire draft industry started to move towards the idea of “the colder the better.”

The 32 System application is ideal for the following situations

  • When the walk-in is warm
  • When the line run is short
  • When a continuous pour at 32° at high volumes is desirable


  • 32 Systems controls the temperature of the beer being dispensed. As beer flows through the 32 System cold blocks (located in the walk-in) it instantly chills the product to 32° and transports that temperature directly to the taps up to 500′ away from the kegs.
  • Keg Temperature does not control the tap temperature


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